A Paint Party is a Great Bachelorette Party Idea in Houston

The term Bachelorette party is quite common here in the US. A bachelorette party is given in honor of the bride-to-be and includes a variety of activities most common of which may be dinner and cocktail, games or a theme party like pamper party where the guests indulge in spa treatments. A distinctive and fun theme for the bachelorette party is a painting party with the bride, along with her friends, indulging in art.

What to carry from home?

Nothing? Except for your favorite bottle of wine! And a dash of creativity to paint till you drop!

All the art supplies needed for a paint party in Houston - easels, brushes, paints, canvas etc are included in the cost. Many studios allow the bride to select the painting for the party. These studios are also places for bridal shower and birthday party places in Houston for a variety of events ranging from outing for schools, organizations and businesses to charities.

Bachelorette party ideas in Houston with a painting party is great for entertainment and fun for the prospective bride. If you have never painted before, never mind. The paint party scheduled for the big night will have you painting with a twist and an artist instructing and guiding you and your friends on how to create a painting one step at-a-time. You can paint all you want, however you want and paint until you faint. You can then take your finished art home.

Wine and painting in Houston, are combinations that go together. Painting studios arrange a paint party and wine in Houston on request. Come and join us at Paint Party Place with your friends and enjoy an evening painting. You don't have to be an artist and neither do you need any prior experience. Our paint party includes entertainment with wine, music and unlimited fun.

Posted by Houston on 8/1/2016 9:29:11 AM