Discover Wine and Painting in Houston

Wine always tastes better when shared with friends. Whether it is celebrating a birthday with a steak dinner and a pinot bottle, hosting a wine tasting party, or touring a winery together, good friends are always needed to enjoy the wine. How about hosting a wine and paint party in Houston to celebrate the spirit of friendship? A paint party is one of the best ways in Houston to unwind with friends, enjoy good food and wine, and create great memories with friends.

Tips to Host a Wine and Paint Party

Sometimes, mixing things up a bit with a specific activity added can be a great fun. One good example is catching up with friends over a bottle of wine and painting Houston. Here are some nifty tips to host a wine and paint party.

• Decide a Design

It is not necessary for everyone to be artistically inclined. Therefore, make sure to have an easy design plan for such friends. One good option is to come up with design templates for the guests, like some good wine quotes such as "Wine is Bottled Poetry" and "The Best Wines are Those Shared with Friends." to let you paint until you faint.

• Collect Art Supplies

Gather basic art supplies like paint, art canvas, plastic tablecloths, paint brushes, paper towels, and bowls/cups of water to clean brushes.

• Get some Appetizers

Instead of an elaborate dinner, it's better to provide some little bites to avoid the hunger pains when painting with a twist.

• Present a Selection of Wine

You can always ask your guests to bring a bottle of their favorite wine to share. This would help you have both red and white wine on hand. For a fancier option, mix up a pitcher of Sangria. For this, you don't need to have expensive wines.
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Posted by Houston on 8/1/2016 10:09:54 AM